Helping Children Excel With Their Chores

Hello Mama Friends!

How many of you have struggled when you ask your sweet darlings to go clean up a room in the house but you find some seriously shoddy work when they report they are done? I know that our lovely little ones don’t see our homes like we do but wouldn’t it be great if they knew step by step how to achieve the specific goals that we like them to when they go to care for one of the rooms in the home? Over the years I have tried countless chore charts and systems to help streamline the process but the big, hairy truth of it all is that they can’t do a good job if we don’t do two very important things.

1. Tell them exactly what we expect.

2. Follow after them and check if they have done a job to the best of their abilities.

The follow-up part is probably the hardest for most of us because it is so easy to get distracted and forget to check on what Sweet Suzie has done it that kitchen. The first part is something I have help for today! I’m sharing with you my new and improved chore charts! These are the first 3 rooms that I have just revamped and I’m sharing them with you in case they might help your household run a little smoother. Just click on the chart that you want below and download a copy for free! You can have all three and keep and eye out in the near future for charts for some more rooms of the house. 🙂


Clean a shiny kitchen is the goal! |
Clean a shiny kitchen is the goal!


Keep in mind that these lists are specific to our home so a few of the items might need editing for your family, but most of the items on the list you will find in most common rooms of any house.


Kitchen Chore Chart


This one has the basics of a great, clean kitchen from top to bottom. I try to get my children to do the basics everyday and the deep clean once a week. Of course I have to give more help to my younger ones, but at least they are learning.


Dining Room Chore Chart


Our dining room also houses a book shelf and a shelf where we keep our religious books and supplies. You might not have these in your room, but feel free to substitute for what is in your area.


Bathroom Chore Chart


This one is universal! A thorough scrubbing of the whole room is always in order. 🙂 Not all our bathrooms have a tub or shower but it is certainly easier to have one page with everything on it so they get used to what should be included in any situation.


A clean, fresh bathroom is so refreshing in a home! |
A clean, fresh bathroom is so refreshing in a home!


I hope you all find this helpful and useful. Please share with me any other ideas that you might have. We can always use more tips and tricks to make life smooth!

Peace and health,


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