How You Can Reclaim Your Sanity During The Holiday Week

A busy week and an almost painfully short weekend leaves me ready for this holiday week! Given this set of circumstances, I guess I have two Personal Paradise moments this week. The first is the freedom of homeschooling. After a week where I put in more hours than I care to count at home and at work I started thinking about the holiday week ahead.

Then I realized that the expectations that most people have for this week didn’t need to be part of my reality.

So I made a list of all the things I need to do, but especially all the things I wanted to do. It was a long list!! And then I was able to pick the most important things. I plugged them in to the days that would work for us, both accomidating schedule, family routine, and weather.


My crazy "want to do" list |
My crazy “want to do” list


How  wonderful that we could ditch our regular schedule!

I made the space in our lives for what I really wanted to do: music, baking, crafting, and reading. And a bunch of outdoor work in the yard and gardens.

So yesterday included doing a bunch of clearing out in the garden bed with our flag pole. It looks so much better! I think our flag looks much more respectable for not having so many weeds below it. We also baked two batches of brownies to deliver to loved ones and cleaned up the porch and the deck. Of course loads of laundry still needed to be done but at least that fits in between everything else!

I am looking forward to accomplishing tasks but more importantly I can spend time with my little ones and really live the gratitude that we all claim during this month.

As for my second Paradise moment that I promised? When I asked my little Mr. T what he would like to do with me, he said he would like to play dinosaurs and sea monsters. They are magnets that we have on our door. What fun! The dinos and sea monsters were thankfully friendly and even played “ball” with the magnetic letter A.


Fun Dinosaur play! I love the misty quality from the sun pouring in! |
Fun Dinosaur play! I love the misty quality from the sun pouring in!


How are you managing the usual Thanksgiving events? Are you taking some time to appreciate what you have? Or are you making plans to make this week better than the last few have been? No matter what kind of month you have had, I encourage you to enjoy this week and along with tasting the yummy food, take a deep swallow of the positive aspects of your life! Here’s to a great week!

Peace and health,


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