Frugal Roundup For November

Hi Friends! I know this is a bit late being that we are several days into December but I think it’s fun so here we go!


Frugal Successes and Scores for November:

*Even though I’m not the best hair dresser I seem to be improving a bit and I sheared all my little boy sheep with pretty cute results. Saved me at least $45!


I love the longer locks on the little boys! |
I love the longer locks on the little boys!


*Mr T got a “new” coat this winter. It’s big enough for him to grow into and after a quick stitch repair and a really good wash he is looking warm and dapper. Saved me $25-45!

*I made a new batch of laundry detergent to keep up with the Everest proportions of laundry in my house. Saved me at least $20!

*Our poor doggie is entirely too fat for her own good so we restarted the old plan that we had before which was helpful in helping her get back to a healthier state. She now gets a little less dog food – topped off with some green beans and her favorite carrots! It sounds a little crazy but she thinks she is getting the best treat ever! Saved me about $16 per bag!


My "fluffy" puppy. |
My “fluffy” puppy.


* A friend of mine has invited me to partake in the proceeds of a weekly food auction and I am having a great time saving crazy dollars on fabulous produce and eggs. Saved me tons each week!

*After thanksgiving I took home the carcass from my lovely parents house (thanks Mom and Dad) and made some seriously good broth. It is way better and healthier than any of the best store-bought stuff and now it’s easily on hand in my freezer for everything I need. Saved me at least $24!


Some of my broth in the freezer! |
Some of my broth in the freezer!


*The other thing that my homemade kitchen brought me was some seriously great natural pumpkin. I took a bunch of pumpkins we got for Halloween and made them into great pureed pumpkin to use for my pies, cookies, breads, you name it! Saved me around $15!

I think that about sums up the months best savings. Not too shabby! If saving at least $145 last month is any indication of this months possibilities, I think I’m on the right track. 

So how are you getting along? Any clever savings for this week? I hope a few of my finds may have sparked an idea for you. 

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Peace and health,


2 comments on “Frugal Roundup For November

  1. Happy Holidays darling Jennifer!
    You definitely inspired the gorgeous turkey broth in my freezer! Thank you…

    I am finally updating my 33 year old bathrooms. Demolition starts In a few days. Will salvage whatever possible like towel bars, light fixtures for Habitat for Humanities ReStore.

    Wishing you all joy and peace.

    • Good for you Beth! Your project sounds exciting and I’m impressed that you are repurposing your old fixtures for a good cause. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Happy Hanukkah!

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