Can Head Injuries And Fevers Make You Happy?

Happy Tuesday Friends!

From head injuries to fevers, we have had a great week! No, I’m not being sarcastic. I know that is not normally what people are thankful for but I’m pulling this one out of my Personal Paradise hat so that you all can see that life around here certainly has its challenges. It isn’t always so easy to find something that makes you own special life great. But I’m going to show you how I’m working it this week!

The first event that made me appreciate my everyday circumstance was when Mr G managed to cut his head open. Yes, that is normally not what makes me happy but I’m pulling from the uniqueness of my life here and I’m glad to say that at least I have friends in the medical field that I can rely on when I need to just play the Mama roll while someone else does the damage control! Thankfully, it was just a bit of blood (head wounds – yikes!) and a little glue and steri strips. All better!


All better! He's so cute in spite of the bandage. |
All better! He’s so cute in spite of the bandage.


After we patched up Humpty Dumpty we then had some birthdays to celebrate this past weekend. Too bad one of the birthday boys was laid out on the couch unable to run and play and especially unable to eat any fun cake! How do I pull a Paradise Moment out of that? This sweet boy turned 5 (!) and he rarely stays still for more that 5 seconds. But this weekend Mr Hubby and I got to pamper him with cuddles and kisses and enjoy just holding him again. That would never have happened if he hadn’t been sick. Now of course I would prefer the poor guy not to be sick but at least I got to hold on to him a little extra right when he is growing too fast and trying to be so independent. He’s back to his usual self now but I know we really enjoyed the extra snuggles on the couch this weekend.


At least we celebrated before he got sick with some friends! |
At least we celebrated before he got sick with some friends!


What are you enjoying this week? How has your daily circumstances shown something good or useful to you? I’d love to hear it!

Peace and health,


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