3 Step Holiday Season Stress Buster

What does your weekend have in store for you?

Are you going to be out and running finishing holiday shopping or you spending the time house cleaning before friends and family descend for a visit? Perhaps there is a work deadline looming or some (or all!) of your family members are feeling ill.

What ever your plans are for this weekend I’m willing to bet that there might be some stressful moments involved. It is so hard to not get caught up in the frenzy this time of year! At my home we have battled injuries, illnesses, and now we have parties to host and attend.


Our castle in the clouds! | risingeden.com
                                  Our castle in the clouds!


So I’m posting a three-step holiday stress buster plan!


I know there are lots of people telling us all how to make our holiday season more simple and peaceful right now. But the funny thing is that you can even get stressed out reading those! There are so many things you shouldn’t do, and so many things you are supposed to add that will make the time more meaningful. I get a little tense just reading some of these lists! I’m going to share three, (just three!) very simplistic steps that can help you relax and create a pleasant environment in your life – no matter what your plans are or how your days may shape up.

1. Sit down once a day with a calming drink of your choice and have a few minutes of quiet where you can just think about what you can be grateful for in your life.


No matter where you are in life, there is always something to be grateful for. All the research that abounds agrees that practicing gratefulness helps us feel calmer, happier, and less anxious. This practice also helps cure the “greedy-gimmies” – when we start to feel like we don’t have enough or our belongings aren’t nice enough. If you really take a look at your life you start to see how much you have and how lucky you are. Bonus points if you get to really look into the eyes of someone you love and share your thoughts!

2. Take as much or little time as you have available once a day to move your body with intention.


This can really look like anything! Maybe you always jog in the morning and you can use that time for this. Or maybe you can do something completely different, like hula hoop or go for a swim in a heated pool. This could even be an after dinner walk with hubby or the doggie. Just make your body feel good by getting it moving. Bonus points if enjoy your activity with someone you would like to spend more time with!

3. For every 5 times you are offered or tempted to partake in a sugary treat, turn it down 2-3 of those times.


This one might not be so popular. I know many of you might protests since you view this as your time to indulge in all the yummy stuff you don’t usually get. But the reality is that there is a huge over abundance of sweets this time of year, and while I’m not one to avoid a treat, there is a distinct health disadvantage of eating too much sugar. Your immune system will suffer, making you more likely to get one of those colds floating around. Sugar is also highly inflammatory so you will end up feeling more tired, achy, irritable, and sluggish. So please do indulge in a couple of your seasonal favorites but don’t go overboard. Savor those best desserts and let the extra junk food go in favor of a happier, and healthier, you! Bonus points if you indulge in some healthy, veggie treat that you also classify as delicious!


Peace and relaxation is a great gift to yourself! | risingeden.com
             Peace and relaxation is a great gift to yourself!


I hope these are helpful tips that you can enjoy. I for one will be cleaning my house a bit in preparation for visitors but I’m make sure I squeeze these in too. Let me know how you do – I’d love to hear about it!

Peace and health,


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