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Happy Tuesday Friends!

I hope you have had a wonderful start to your week. We have been busy around here lately – busy almost to distraction. But this is the week to slow down and actually enjoy some family time. With that in mind, this week’s Personal Paradise Moment is a girly one. This family is dominated by members of the male persuasion so it can be challenging for my little girl and I to connect with our more feminine sides sometimes. We don’t often have time for nail polish and fancy jewelry. Not that we need it, but it is fun to play up the decorations of the fairer sex once in a while.

Last week she brought a little book called Beauty Secrets, by Kristy Neale and Renne Brown, to me that has an activity page called, “Get Gorgeous In 7 Days”. It is a sweet little thing with activities that you can do throughout your week to promote health and beauty. The ability to connect with my daughter while doing fun, healthy activities is my Personal Paradise today.

Just a pause for a disclaimer: I don’t want my daughter to focus unhealthily on her appearance but there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best – whatever that means to you. This little book is actually full of active tasks that engage our muscles and elements of health that include learning about the importance of including plenty of produce in our diet. All good elements that everyone can use.


Tropical, pretty, and healthy smoothie! |
Tropical, pretty, and healthy smoothie!


So today we began with a healthy smoothie for breakfast – made by Miss S herself. It was just as yummy as it looks! The book has activities to implement throughout each day for 7 days. Some of them are things you can do alone and some are things that involve friends or family members.

If any of you would like to do this yourselves, or better yet join in with us, below is the list of activities. We may have to adjust the tasks for the day depending on our schedule but the idea is that we stay true to the theme of the activity.


A little salon style! |
A little salon style!


Get Gorgeous In 7 Days – Bag yourself a whole week of fantastic health and beauty tips right here.


Morning:  Have a fruit packed smoothie for speed and tastiness.

Afternoon: Have some fun making up dance routines with friends or family.

Evening: Go to bed early. Getting enough sleep is good for your brain and skin!


Morning: Tying your ponytail in the same place makes your hair weaker. Try a new hairstyle to give your tresses a break.

Afternoon: Plan a swimming event or other athletic activity with a few friends.

Evening: Moisturize your feet at bedtime. Apply lotion and then cotton socks over the top. Sleep with them on and wake to soft feet!


Morning: Use a nail buffer to file, smooth and polish your nails. A natural shine is healthy and gorgeous!

Afternoon: Flip through magazines and cut out favorite photos to put in a cool style file.

Evening: Wash your hair and braid it while it’s damp. Wake to a wavy look in the morning!


Morning: Sprinkle pumpkin or sunflower seeds onto cereal or over yogurt. It tastes great and is good for brain power.

Afternoon: Try speed stepping (a kind of skipping where you switch legs after every jump – kind of like running on the spot.)

Evening: Have a bath in warm water, rather than hot. Hot water dries out your skin.


Morning: Short on time for washing your hair? Tie it up! Styles stay put better when your hair isn’t completely clean.

Afternoon: Drink plenty of water throughout the day. It is great for your skin and helps mood and concentration too.

Evening: Go bowling with some friends. You might even stay out a bit late since it’s the weekend!


Morning: Rub the inside skin of a pineapple over your skin and then wash it off to get a natural gorgeous glow.

Afternoon: Try something new and a bit out of the ordinary for you such as skateboarding, trampolining, or making a new friend.

Evening: Watch a cool comedy movie or read a funny book. Laughing is good for your brain and body as well as being fun!


Morning: Wash your hair and apply your conditioner, then wrap it in foil. Leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse off. Just like magic – shiny locks!

Afternoon: Do something fun outdoors. Sun and fresh air are good for your health, heart, and lungs, as well as your immune system.

Evening: Fill a cup with water and a little shampoo, then add your hairbrush, comb, and any makeup brushes. Soak them for about an hour and then take them out to dry. Clean as a whistle!


Lovely mix of pretties! |
Lovely mix of pretties!


There you have it! The best of beauty week!! I hope you have fun this week and if you choose to join in with us – let me know how it went. 🙂

Peace and health,


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