What Is A Personal Paradise Moment?

Well, well, well! What a lovely restful beginning to the year I’ve had and I hope you all have begun your year in a similar fashion. I am looking forward to some new adventures in my home life and here on this blog. As I go along here on Rising Eden I invite you all to give feedback as to what you might be interested in seeing here. My goal is to deliver engaging content, relevant to your lives in a way that can make your everyday experiences shine with purpose, contentment, and peace, while keeping the spark that propels you forward in your life and gives you joy.


A peek into our personal Eden! | risingeden.com
A peek into our personal Eden!


As many of you know, Tuesdays are traditionally our “Personal Paradise” days. This series is designed to help us all identify the everyday moments that are often and easily overlooked, but are really the heart of finding happiness in creating a life of intention. These moments might even include things that when regarded in a different light might be thought of as a negative thing, but with a shift in perspective these moments help us see the paradise that is already right around us!


Mr T's class visiting the library. | risingeden.com
Mr T’s class visiting the library.


Today’s paradise moment is an easy one.

Yesterday my vivacious Mr. T got to take a tour of the local library with his little preschool class. It really can be viewed as an everyday, simple event but this activity changes when you look at the little ones’ faces and watch their eyes light up with interest. So often we take our library system for granted and when you think about it, the gift of libraries is one of the greatest things available to us! I walked out of that library feeling rich beyond measure and thankful for the expansive amenities available to my family through that little building.


The library is also a good place for an impromptu game of chess! | risingeden.com
The library is also a good place for an impromptu game of chess!


What is your Personal Paradise moment today? Share you thoughts with me below – I’d love to hear them!

Peace and health,


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