One Easy Way to Add Sparkle to Your Day

A sad thing happened in our neighborhood recently. The owner of one of my favorite antique shops died and unfortunately the store is now winding down to closure. So last week Miss S and I spent some time browsing the sales while we still can. Happily, we left with a few little treasures that didn’t cost us too much.

That very next week I had the opportunity to wear the pretty pair of earrings that I had bought from that shop. They aren’t anything of great monetary value – just sparkly “costume jewelry” as my grandmother used to call it. But I love them! Wearing those earrings when I was dressed up more than usual made me feel so happy. I even received a compliment from a friend on how nice they looked. The whole experience of the day gave me pause for reflection.

How wonderful is it that I was able to find such happiness in a bit of inexpensive sparkle? And how often do we let an opportunity to find satisfaction in something simple slip by?



This pretty spot of sparkle brings me joy and reminds me to find beauty in the small things! |
This pretty spot of sparkle brings me joy and reminds me to find beauty in the small things!



Today my Personal Paradise moment is my little bit of glamour that didn’t even dent my bank account. Is there something in your life that you haven’t spent much money on but it makes you feel pampered or indulgent? Maybe it’s even something you got for free. Of course it doesn’t have to be jewelry. Perhaps the item that gives you joy is a great set of sheets or a beautiful vase. The point of this exercise is just to help ourselves pause and notice something that we value and that helps us feel good. If we can see the simple stuff like that, it is so much easier to spread that joy to the rest of our day and hopefully to the people around us too. 

What can you see today that will make you smile – and spread that smile to others? We don’t have to be rich to feel rich, and everyday brings the opportunity to spread joy to those we love!

Peace and health


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