How I Turned A Foolish Mistake Into A Win

Are you familiar with the saying: “Measure twice, cut once”? Well that little gem can be applied is a literal sense and also in a few variations. Recently, made a foolish mistake. On a whim, I decided to fix up a little something that had been needling at me in my kitchen for a while. “No problem!” I thought. “I have plenty of spare materials and I can just replace these two little pieces real quick.”

Here’s a little tip: One should always make sure that one’s materials are actually the same color before trying to replace only part of a project. Whoops! For a few minutes I was stunned. That was quickly followed by frustration, and feeling pretty stupid.


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It’s always good to be careful with tools that can ruin a project!


Well, “What’s done, is done” is another saying so I just had to make up my mind to not let it derail me and instead figure out how to make the situation work. Fortunately, I found enough of the spare materials of the new color to get the job almost done. One last piece of material obtained the next day enabled me to complete the project. Of course a bunch of painstaking work was involved but the satisfaction is great!

The best take away lesson from this debacle is that most mistakes are repairable. Instead of letting the frustration get the better of me, I stopped and took the time to figure out the best way out of the mess. So many times I throw up my hands and give up or rush through to get to the other side – regardless of the outcome.

But thoughtful reflection can yield better results and the same can be applied to many areas of life. When we feel like life is getting out of hand it is helpful to pause, breathe and find the best way out – often it’s not the fastest.


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My pretty kitchen with my new mother’s day plant!


Now the logical conclusion is: where is our lives do we need to pause and figure out how to turn a mistake into a success? Is there an event or project that you were able to rescue from disaster? Or is there something that you are working on now that you can contemplate and find a better solution? I would love to hear your experiences – we can all learn from each other!

And for the record – washing dishes in my kitchen sink is much more enjoyable when I get to gaze upon my repaired backsplash!

Peace and health,


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