5 Links I Love In Early May

Hi Friends! There is so much fun stuff out there on the internet, isn’t there? I thought it would be fun this week to share a few links that I love. These links travel across many topics and I hope you find some of them interesting too.

A few years ago we sold our first house and moved about 10 minutes away to our current home. At the time I had a new baby and was homeschooling 3 other little kids. Plus we had 2 dogs. To say that we were a little overwhelmed and that life was intense would be an understatement but I would do it all again since we are so happy here. However, this post from Like Mother, Like Daughter on secrets to staging a home with a homeschooling family does a great job of giving excellent advice and bringing back some seriously fun (and crazy) memories!


Here's the nursery at the new house - come check out some tips for staging a home for sale while homeschooling a bunch of kids! | risingeden.com
Here is the nursery at our new house – we moved and ended up having another baby!


Another find is something that I like to keep in my heart and mind since I think I slip up with this one a lot. So often when I am stressed, I over-react with my closest loved ones – even though they are the ones who have my back when the going gets tough. I like this reminder from Hands Free Mama to be our kindest with those who are closest to us. It makes for a more pleasant, happy life for sure!

For pure fun I love this link from Adventures in Wunderland about how to have super-sized fun in your own backyard! I’m sure many of us might be on a budget that doesn’t allow for a fun vacation this year. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! If you have tried some of these ideas before, I’d love to hear how they worked out for you.


Some great ideas for backyard fun in included here! | risingeden.com
When in doubt – use a toy in an unconventional way!


For those of you who are more crafty-minded, or like a little vintage, farm-house charm, I have included an awesome link to how mason jars can be used to create a very beautiful decor element. I know there are about a million ways to use mason jars in the home – but I just think this one is so lovely!

Last, but not least, I often enjoy the tips I find on the Mind Body Green website, and this one is no different. How many times have I heard my friends, or even myself, say: “Sure I could make all kinds of progress if I had someone to help me do it!” Nowadays, people are getting on the bandwagon of the Life Coach. An all-in-one person to help you identify and achieve your goals and make your life everything you want it to be. But many of us either don’t have access to someone like that, or we can’t afford the extra expense. I love the ideas presented here for helping yourself to create your ideal life.


Ideas for fun and inspiration can improve your day-to-day life. These are so helpful! | risingeden.com
Sometimes an inspirational photo can give a brief sense of a get-away so you can recharge.


What do you think? What great links have I missed out on this week that you know about? Let me know what you think or share with me something that really resonated with you. Happy internet browsing!

Peace and Health,


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