My Secret Weapon For Getting Work Done Around The Kids

Here’s is a common situation: Mama is trying to sit for a few minutes and do what we call in our house “office hours”. Perhaps you are trying to pay bills, perhaps you are a blogger and are trying to update a post, maybe you are checking emails from work, or even just trying to post a cute photo to Facebook. But either way, the kids are babbling around you and there isn’t more that 3.5 minutes that goes by that a small person isn’t interrupting your thought process. I don’t know how everyone else handles that but I sometimes get unreasonably cranky with my little guys and gal when they disturb the flow of thoughts. (Because sometimes those pesky thoughts are hard to keep organized!)

Well now I have found a magical tool to help me keep the kiddos from pestering me to death while I am trying to get some things accomplished that actually don’t need their involvement.

It starts with some Sharpies.


How can you use these sweet colors to create an invisibility cloak for when you need to get things done? Come find out!! |
My colorful tools!


And then a little push-on light from the a dollar store that you can decorate.


This is a powerful invisibility cloak for mothers! Come see how to make it work! |
My magic light is almost done!


When you are all done it’s time to sit down with the offspring and tell them how the new bright spot of wonder works!


How fun is this for a work tool for Mama to keep the kids from driving her crazy? Come see how to create and use it everyday! |
How fun is this? Lots of silly shapes make it happy.


The idea is quite simple. When it is time for me to sit down and try to get some work done, but I can’t really leave them and go somewhere else, I just set myself up and put my new “invisible light” in a very visible place next to me. When the light is on, Mama becomes “Invisible”! Children should not talk to Mama unless there is a matter of great urgency. They may do whatever activities they should be doing but there should not be extremes of noise. (I know, I’m asking for miracles here!) I can then have my thoughts flow without having to answer a million questions or without feeling guilty about not listening to every passing thought that they are having and want to share.

With this tool in my arsenal my children now know when I am actually trying to get stuff done and want to be left mostly undisturbed, or when I am just relaxing – either with some computer play or other activities and I can also listen to their dreams and stories.


This is the best secret super power to let Mama get work done - even around the kids! |
You can see the light but you can’t see me!


Here is one important warning. While this awesome super powered light can make a great change in your day-to-day life – don’t get carried away! If you overuse the light, the poor kids are going to feel like it is always on and they will start ignoring it. So use it judiciously and enjoy your new ability to disappear!

What do you think? I’d love to hear if you have tried this before or if you have another proven method to get work done in the midst of the madness. If you haven’t used any techniques like this before, I challenge you to try it out!

Peace and health,

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