Sunday Reflection – 5/22/16

“This man, one of the chief architects of the atomic bomb, so the story runs, was out wandering in the woods one day with a friend when he came upon a small tortoise. Overcome with pleasurable excitement, he took up the tortoise and started home, thinking to surprise his children with it. After a few steps he paused and surveyed the tortoise doubtfully. “What’s the matter?” asked his friend.

Without responding the great scientist slowly retraced his steps as precisely as possible, and gently set the turtle down upon the exact spot from which he had taken it.

Then he turned solemnly to his friend. “It just struck me,” he said, “that, perhaps for one man, I have tampered enough with the universe.”

He turned and left the turtle to wander on its way.

The man who made that remark was one of the best of the modern citizens, and what he has devised had gone down into a whirlpool. “I have tampered enough,” he said. It was not a denial of science. It was a final recognition that science is not enough for us. It is not the road back to the waiting garden, for that road lies through the hearts of people. Only when we have recognized this fact will science become what it was for (Francis) Bacon, something to speak of as “touching upon Hope”. Only then will people be truly human.

-Loren Eiseley

The Firmament of Time


This cloudy river bank can inspire a quiet beauty. | risingeden

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