What To Do When You Are Irritable And Want To Be Alone

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I’ll be honest with you all today: I have not been doing a good job with the whole self-care thing lately. I have been feeling a little lousy and all the things that I know I should be doing to make myself feel better just haven’t made it onto my To-Do list. So now I’m kicking myself for feeling crappy but being the only one who can really make it better. Therefore, this week’s Personal Paradise Moment is my bad attitude! Because it causes me to think about how to take my crank factory and turn it around.

I was pretty cranky so far this week. When I am tired I am less able to tolerate life’s little irritations with a good attitude. Do you have that same struggle? So all the little annoying things this week were affecting me way more than they should have. Between an ant swarm in the kitchen, a traffic jam on the way to preschool, and a misbehaving dog, I was not a pleasant Mama to be around.

So what’s a Mama to do when she wants to be alone but she has things to do and people to care for? Well, I have 3 suggestions for you today.


What do you do when you have a cranky day? Here are 3 important ways to bust up a bad attitude! |risingeden.com
What a sad, cranky face!



1. Gain perspective.

After a day of my bad attitude I heard from a friend who had a very tough morning. I don’t mean a bunch of little silly things like my morning – but a really tough morning with grief and true hurt. It made me feel petty and ridiculous for letting the little stuff get to me so much. I took a few breaths and then apologized to my children for being a beast and tried harder to put a positive spin on my day. Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel totally petty? I suppose we all do it some.

2. Find a small spot for a brief respite.

At times it is hard to adjust our perspective with life swirling around us. So find a little spot of quiet and take just a few minutes to collect your thoughts and put on your good attitude. I love my bedroom and I really like my front porch, but I think my favorite place right now is my white wicker rocker on my back deck. Even though it looks out over my jungle of a garden, I can watch the birds at my bird feeders and listen to the earth’s sounds. Plus I have the most beautiful wind chimes right next to the rocker. When I am really being smart I spend about 10-20 minutes first thing in the morning relaxing there on my deck and it always makes my mood and day so much better! Where is your lovely spot? I even found my son doing this when his brothers were bothering him. He went into their “book nook” to practice his guitar so he could have a bit of peace.

How can you find some peace? Get to a favorite spot and relax! |risingeden.com
It’s a little small, but he had peace for practice!

3. Spend some time outside.

There really is nothing like a bit of nature to reset the mood and spirit! Even when it is cold (which I hate!) or rainy (which we have had almost 3 weeks of!) it is so much better to get at least a few minutes of outdoor time. This can be especially beneficial when the day is gorgeous and sunny like it finally was here today. The fresh air cleanses the lungs, the vitamin D surges, and the exercise of a nice walk, jog, or any other movement lifts the spirits with a natural chemical boost. So find a way to spend even just 10 minutes outside in some fashion and I bet you will feel better.


Take in a fresh view to help you gain some perspective. Here you will find 3 great tips to reset your mood on a cranky day. | risingeden.com
Our view on a beautiful walk!



There, my friends, are my real moments that helped me change the lousy attitude into a Personal Paradise Moment. How do you shake a bad day? I would love to hear what tips you have for getting out of a funk and what places you like to retreat to. Our challenge this week: get outside at least a twice and enjoy something. Perhaps a bit of gardening? Or a jog with your dog? Even if it is raining, I challenge you to stomp in a puddle just once! Have fun!

Peace and health,

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