One Simple Trick to Keeping Young Children Safer on a Field Trip

Yay June! I hope you all are as happy as I am that June is here. I just feel like we got stuck in a spring that never really “sprung” and the summer seemed endlessly far off. Now we are wrapping up our school year and figuring out what we will be filling our time with for the next few months.

Since we just went on a wonderful field trip recently, I thought I would share a fun, clever tip for keeping the toddlers and preschoolers in your group safer. As we go on family day trips sometimes, I am frequently trying to keep track of several children, not to mention that they are all a different age group. And that’s just my kids! Of course every mother’s fear is that she will become separated from her children and not be able to find them easily. Now that is worrisome enough with the big kids who can tell someone who they are and how to get in touch with you in an emergency, but what if you get separated from your two-year-old? Or a preschool or kindergarten age child who hasn’t yet been able to memorize your cell phone number? Yikes!

Well I took an idea from my little guys’ preschool and put an extra fun twist on it. I made my two littlest guys a fun, funky, and colorful necklace that has my cell phone number obviously labeled on it so that even if they are totally freaked out and can’t speak clearly, someone can still get in touch with me. All it takes is a few supplies from an inexpensive craft store or big box store and a few minutes of time. You can check out the step by step instructions below but this is how ours turned out.


Want to see a great tool for keeping little ones safer on field trip day? Check out this quick crafty fun! |
Here is one of our pretty necklace creations


I liked the fun of the different shapes of these beads. The were big enough to be easily read but still not too overpowering to avoid any heavy or uncomfortable wear. I picked two different patterns to match my boys’ different personalities. I just used a narrow elastic cord that came in pretty colors.

They are so practical and fun!


Turn these simple beads into a fun way to keep your kids safer while out on the town. |
I found this fun tub of beads at a local craft store!



Cell Phone Number Safety Necklace

Materials needed:

-beads of any shape or size as long as they have a flat enough surface for a number

-elastic cording or ribbon


-permanent marker (unless you find beads with numbers already printed on)


  1. Choose the colors and shapes of beads you want to include. Lay them out in a pleasing pattern or order that you like.
  2. Use your sharpie or other permanent marker to write each digit of your phone number on a different bead. (You won’t need to do this part if you find beads with pre-printed numbers but they weren’t available at my local store at the time.)
  3. Cut your elastic cord or ribbon so that when it is tied it will measure less than the circumference of the child’s head, but loose enough for comfort around their neck.
  4. Thread the beads in the order you like onto the cord and tie it firmly and securely into a circle.
  5. Make sure that it will need to stretch at least a little to get over the child’s head. This prevents it from just falling of if the little one leans upside down or takes a tumble.
  6. Watch your child enjoy the fun colors while feeling a little comfort that they won’t get far without your phone number handy!

What do you think? The kids liked them and I made sure that they knew that these were their “special necklaces” that only come out to be worn when we are going somewhere special. I certainly don’t want them getting lost every other day as they would if they got free access to play with them anytime.


A great way for preschoolers to learn your phone number is to let them see it a bunch! |
Just lay them out in the order you want.


The funny part about this whole experience was that my soon-to-be kindergartener was so enamored with his necklace, he read aloud the number so many times that first day that he ended up memorizing my cell number in one afternoon! I guess they are a success as a learning tool too! I’m still going to have him wear it though because you never know when a child that young will panic and they he probably won’t be able to remember anything.


These little guys will always be able to find there way back to me since my phone number is right around their necks! |
Here’s my crazy (and fuzzy) picture of the kids on our trip to the theater. See the little boys’ necklaces?


Do you think this would be a help to your little ones? Or maybe you have a sister or friend who could use this tip? I love for you to pass this post on to those you think would benefit from it and let me know what you think. Happy field trip!

Peace and health,


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