Frugal Roundup From May!

Who wants an few extra dollars each month? Or even more than a few? I do! 

With that in mind I am catching up with my aim to have this space be a source of accountability for myself and any of you who want to join me. Now that June is underway I wanted to share with you all the frugal wins I was able to achieve from last month.

I’ll start with a very honest one:

I was very lazy about meal planning and grocery shopping at the end of the month and therefore I had to get seriously creative to make something for dinner for my family a few nights. But we made it!

At the end the month I finally got the notice that a fitness DVD series I wanted to check out of the library was available. I was on the wait list for a couple of months! I could have bought it of course but I wasn’t sure if I would really love it so I decided to save the money and just wait. It’s not like I didn’t have enough books to read or Netflix to watch in the meantime!

I took all the kids to the theater! I know that doesn’t sound very frugal but we have this amazing theater group that provides amazing productions geared towards children. (Thanks Arts Onstage!) So for all 6 of us it is a very economical $48. And the choices of shows are so amazing! My favorites this year were the Chinese acrobats and Soul in Motion African drumming. 


What frugal finds have you found in the past month? Here are some things that I found that could save me a few dollars and we had fun while doing it! |


As it was a very cold spring we hadn’t switched out all our seasonally appropriate clothing yet. At the end of May I finally dug out the shorts and t-shirts. Aren’t the kids happy now! The amazing thing is how each year I pull out all the clothes with the intention of making a list of what I would need to buy, and yet we need so little! With so many boys I often have more clothes than I need but the condition of them might be debatable. This year I even have enough nice looking items that the boys are going to be good looking too. The really incredible thing is that even my girl has more clothes than she needs – with no older sisters to hand anything down. But we are lucky to have some friends with older girls (Thanks Faith!) who share all sorts of cute, classy clothes with us. Lo and behold, all I have to buy is a few things for my big boy, Mr B.


What a gift! This mess is a frugal win - find out how I win at frugal living each month. |
Here’s a sample of the crazy mountain of clothing that I got to sort through!


Last but not least, I have had the pleasure of decorating our house with pretty flowers for free! Our garden gives us beautiful hyacinths, tulips, daisies, and day lilies. So whenever I wanted a bit of natural beauty I could just take a walk through the yard or clip a few to put in a vase.


There are so many ways to win at frugal living. Here are many examples that I was able to accomplish in just one month! |
Here is a beauty from my front yard.


There you have it friends – a few excellent ways I saved some money last month. Did any of you have success in the frugal area last month? Let’s swap ideas so we can all succeed!

Peace and health,


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