Let Them Eat Cake! How My Daughter Made a Cake into a Message of Love

What’s a girl to do when her Mama hasn’t brought any treats from the store recently? Make a cake by herself of course!


My Personal Paradise moment today is a sweet cake that she made – sweet in more than one way! The beauty of summer is that my children have a chance to get bored. That might not seem like a good thing on the surface, but if you stop to think about the benefits of boredom for children, I do believe that is is a healthy experience. (Here is another interesting reflection on the topic of boredom for kids.)

So this day my children also wanted something sweet to eat. Well, I hadn’t baked in a while and I hadn’t even been to the store in a while. Finally, Miss S decided to take matters into her own hands. “May I make a chocolate cake, Mama?” I have to admit that I hemmed and hahhed a bit. I was thinking about the work involved and especially the clean up afterwards. But after confirming that she didn’t want my help and after extracting a promise that she would do all (and I mean all!) the clean up, I consented. 

For quite a while a happy little girl puttered in the kitchen. The cool thing is that she even discovered that we were a bit short on one ingredient but she made do with what we had and it turned out fine. When it was all done she looked at her handiwork and felt there was something missing. Necessity was the mother of invention again, and since we didn’t have anything to decorate the cake with, she pulled out a toothpick and wrote a message.

“Love you Mom”. 

Sigh. My Mama heart melted a little. 

So the short answer is: Yes. Boredom is a good thing for the kids. I hope you all had some fun thing to do today – be it born out or boredom or not. And remember to use these summer days up before they are gone! 

Peace and health,


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