Slowing Down Our Days to Experience Our Children Better

Hello Friends! Can you believe September is almost gone? I expect that most of you are well settled into your new school year schedules. With lessons, homework, artistic pursuits, and sports, our weekly activities can get a little wild! What’s fun in each new year though is watching all the great stuff our young one’s can do now. Each passing season brings new skills, increasing levels of maturity, and expanding challenges as the children get older and bigger.


How to love your little ones through the challenges of a new school year |
New school year challenges


   Of course we are frequently focused on getting our children to the next step or stage in their development – but perhaps we should be careful how we do that. I have noticed that sometimes I am so zoned in on how I am helping my child grow that I forget to appreciate their smallness today.


Small hands at work while we help them learn. |
Small hands at work while we help them learn.


So there have been several times in the last few weeks that I have seen one of my children of whom I previously thought: “He’s getting so big”, and now I suddenly realize: “He is still so small”. It is good to recognize the young and vulnerable aspects of our children before we rush them right out of childhood. 




Helping our children hear good instruction. |
Helping our children hear good instruction.


   I also find this tactic to be quite effective when I am feeling angry with, or frustrated by, one of my little crew. It’s harder to get mad at someone who has hands so tiny, or cheeks that are still chubby. So, my personal paradise moment this week is to recognize the fragility of my children and to take a moment to remember that the time with them when they are small is rather brief. I will strive not to rush them through, but to treasure the time. I invite you to do the same. Look at their feet, measure their hand against yours, hear the words they mispronounce and marvel at their innocence and enthusiasm. And share those observations here if you wish – I would love to hear about it!




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