When Your Day is Grey and Your Heart is Sad

Some days the clouds roll in.

There is too little sunlight to feel upbeat and energetic. And then there are days when the clouds are around your heart too.

It may be that you are feeling a little sick or maybe you have recently received some disheartening news. Often it is just that you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Whatever the cause, it is good to have a few tricks up your sleeve on how to make the day easier when your heart is sad and your day is grey.

Often when we feel gloomy we need to go back to the basics. The simple comfort things like a warm bath or shower to wake us up, followed by a hot drink. Anything from warm lemon water to coffee will do the trick, just make sure you are well hydrated through the rest of the day.

The next thing to consider is a bit of movement. Not only will a brisk walk or other bit of exercise bump up your endorphins, but it will also warm your body and make you feel a little more productive and capable. When I feel like the world is pressing on me, I like to try and have something that will give me a sense of accomplishment. That bit of physical movement will often achieve that. 

A third step would be to find something to smile or laugh about. It is hard to stay sad when we have something funny to chuckle about or a sweet thought or sight to smile at. Of course it needs to be a smile that reaches into our heart, but that can be accomplished pretty easily. Try looking at your pet while it does something cute like chasing it’s tail or bathing in the sun. Try watching your children. Not in the sense of supervising them, but really watch them in a quiet moment and observe the things that are unique to them. Do they bite their lip while they are concentrating? Or maybe little brother just handed big sister a toy to play with. An unexpected moment of sweetness or sharing can often be found if we watch quietly. A heartwarming moment will soften the stiffness in our hearts.


A smile for a sad heart | risingeden.com
A smile for a sad heart


If the kids are all cranky and the pets are acting more like pests, maybe you need a spot of radio or movie to lighten your mood. A well place Youtube video of some comical nature can be an excellent choice. If all else fails, find a stand up comedy skit and have a good belly laugh! 

Among all these ideas is the most important thing: Perspective. So often when we are tired and frustrated with life, our thoughts can cascade into an expectation that everyday will continue the same. It helps to remember that everything is temporary and what may seem overwhelming today, will be gone very soon. We often get caught up in thinking negatively about everything. Calling a friend or just recognizing that there is quite a bit of positive in our days can give us the boost we need to deal with the hard spots until they ease. 


A little beauty for some perspective.
A little beauty for some perspective.


Have your thoughts been heavy lately? How do you keep going when life gets harder? During the increasingly grey days of winter coming on, keep your heart strong with healthy habits, encouragement, and the knowledge that we are all on this life road together. Let’s lift each other up! 

Peace and health,


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