Why I Love Being Stuck in the Car

Hi Friends! It’s Paradise Tuesday so you know what that means –

Time to share a thought or moment of the week that is part of the everyday life but makes me pause and realize the beauty of the ordinary.


My Paradise Moment today is my quiet driving time. There are many times that I find myself in the car alone making a trek from one stop to another which so often can feel like wasted time. But for me it is a pleasure to spend the time as long as I’m listening to podcasts! I’m sure so many of you have your own favorites but I’m partial to the Stitcher app for my listening pleasure. The beauty of the podcast world is that there are  countless awesome ones to choose from. I can’t believe how many topics people are talking about! There is truly something for everyone and every interest. I find that I am loving several different podcasts at the moment, but at any time if I feel like something fresh, I can search and find fabulous shows on anything – finance, spirituality, history, humor, health and fitness – the list is nearly endless!


Listening in the car is best | risingeden.com


I have had the opportunity over the last year to learn so many new things too. I love to scroll through the podcast called, Stuff You Missed in History Class. This one gives me a detailed discussion to listen to about a specific topic in history that can sometimes be fairly obscure. It’s a great chance to glean some new knowledge that makes me feel like I am actually working my brain like the way I used to in college. It’s a fun way to combat the ‘Mommy Brain’ phenomenon. 

Two of the ones I listen to for new ideas and learning are Coffee Break French and The Arts of Language. They are very different but both feed my desire to improve my, and my children’s, language skills. The Coffee Break French one is of course for my continued attempts at becoming more fluent in french so that we can use it as a family language. It is fun and enjoyable but also so effective at increasing my vocabulary and grammar skills. The beauty of that one is that there are also Coffee Break podcasts for other languages! The Arts of Language is english based and is actually produced by the company that creates the writing program we have used for years in our homeschool. I find it to be an excellent supplement to the Institute for Excellence in Writing program that I am continuing to work with in our learning endeavors and it certainly applies to my own grasp of the english language!

I’ll just mention two more of my favorites here before I leave you to your own browsing of the podcast world. I have been loving the Brilliant Business Moms podcast both because I get tons of tips on how to help my own career goals grow, but also because it think it helps me have a better understanding of small businesses in general and how healthy it is for both businesses and consumers to partner with each other to obtain mutual good as well as a healthy local economy. Plus, the host, Beth Anne Schwamberger, is a super fun and upbeat host who makes all her topics sound exciting and interesting.

The last one I’m sharing here is my most eclectic and fun one called, Sorta Awesome. I love this one because the topics of discussion are wide-ranging and apply to so many parts of my life. The host, Megan Tietz has the best podcast voice ever and she and her co-hosts talk about all kinds of things that make you think or make you happy. They discuss books, food, travel, practical life tips, social media advice – just a huge bunch of truly awesome stuff! I highly recommend checking this one out because it might just change your life!


listening and learning in the car | risingeden.com


Ok. If you have stuck with me this far I will share with you my last secret reason why I love podcasts:

 They keep me awake!

I know that some of you are running just as busy as I am and sometimes the time spent behind the wheel of a car is a little too apt to make one drowsy. There are many nights when I am driving home late and music is just not engaging enough to keep my brain in its active awake state that it should be in for driving. But with an interesting podcast on, I have no problem staying chipper enough to be safe on the roads and entertained at the same time! This is a definitive win for modern technology!

I hope you all find some of these are new and maybe interesting to you, but I would love to hear which podcasts you love. Fill me in with what I should listen to next! In the meantime, happy listening my friends!

Peace and health

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