About Me!

I’m Jennifer, an adventurer in this blogging world who is mistress of my domain that I share with Mr Hubby and five young cubs, aka – Mr B, Mr K, Miss S, Mr T, and Mr G. We also share our living space with our furry friends Cherokee and Hedda, our tiny backyard chicken flock, and the ever revolving – and oft ignored – inhabitants of our fish bowl.

I am a regular kind of gal who is just a little bit crunchy. I met Mr Hubby in the woods and there began a long romance that continues to this day. I am eternally thankful for his presence in my life – even when we drive each other crazy! Our five little cubs have followed and I enjoy watching them grow and learn as we raise and educate them. They are fabulous, wonderful, normal kids that amaze me one minute and drive me up the wall the next. 🙂 I strive to live our lives in a healthy and sustainable way with an eye on frugality. I also find my purpose through my vocation as a nurse.

I  have a passion for helping other mamas achieve a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life for themselves and their families – starting right where they are! I hope to offer other women a resource here for inspiration, healthy living tips, home organization ideas, and relationship encouragement. We, as mamas, don’t have to settle for the divisive environment in our culture. We can uplift and support each other and achieve that “village” that we all need to help ourselves really thrive!

I would love to hear any feedback or ideas that you have for me. Please contact me and let me know what you think!

peace and health,


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  1. Found your internet site on Facebook, great post. Will share again.

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